Long has been the debate whether higher education does any good at all, or is deleterious to the people who have it. (That previous sentence was a throwaway for the chumps with a higher education, with the exception of Military, Medical and Law.)

Before we continue, let us examine a list of people who did not have a higher education.

Ready for the list?

Steve Jobs, Michael Dell, Ellen DeGeneres, James Cameron, Pablo Picasso, Rush Limbaugh, F. Scott Fitzgerald,  Ray Bradbury, Ralph Lauren, Sean Connery, Tom Hanks, Madonna, Jim Carrey, Robert De Niro, Clint Eastwood, Michael Caine, George Clooney, Julie Andrews, Dustin Hoffman, Billy Joel, Bob Dylan, Bill Gates, Michael J. Fox, Simon Cowell, Walt Disney, Dave Thomas, Halle Berry, David Geffen, and Ted Turner did not graduate from college.

But let’s go a bit deeper. What about people who didn’t even finish high school?

John D. Rockefeller, Sr., Bryan Adams, Sheldon Adelson, Woody Allen, Coco Chanel, Thomas Edison, Albert Eistein, Enzio Ferrari, Charles Lindbergh, Jack London, George Orwell, Bill Cosby, Cameron Diaz, Al Pacino, H.G. Wells, John Travolta, Johnny Depp, and Kip Addotta did not graduate from High School.

All of the people above have been extraordinarily successful in their fields. They have put millions of people to work, and generated trillions of dollar in revenue. They do require the people they employ to have higher educations so that they are already regimented, and easily controlled.

Here’s what the people above did not do. They did not put their parents into debt. They did not take out any student loans, which, by the way, now amount to one trillion dollars. These people, without higher education, and some without a high school education, have never voted for someone simply because they would sleep with them. No, they voted for people they thought were qualified for the office. The people above did not “hook up” with more than 300 people during a four year span of higher education. They didn’t drink 52 gallons of pure, hard liquor during their four years of higher education, they produced no unwanted children, and they never went on welfare or used food stamps.

Johnny Depp alone has generated over 7 billion dollars in revenue.

So, is a higher education necessary? Only if you want to get a job working for someone without one.

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  1. Tommy Joseph 08/22/2013 at 02:56

    I enjoyed that one. Agreed with everything you said. Disappointed however to see my name omitted from the list of successful people who didn’t graduate from high school. What is success anyway? At this stage of the game, I’ll say being alive is a good start. I enjoyed your post though and agree that higher education is a joke. I agree it can be deleterious (first time using that word in print). Not only is college a four-year party for many students, beyond that I believe some of them assume that just being there will be enough to prepare them for life. So, for some of these clowns, going to college is a step backward. And maybe that’s good. Weed them out now. Unfortunately, many of them have parents with money, so even if their future doesn’t pan out as they had thought, it’s unlikely they’ll wind up on skid row. I wouldn’t mind being a full time college student. It would be a nice escape from the rigors of society.


  2. Kip,
    You are entirely correct about Higher Education. The best Higher education can do is adorn the mind. It is up to the individual mind to make use of the discipline education and training can provide. Education does not always translate into economic activity that is measurable by money. I can provide statistics that will prove averages that education will provide some advantages the cleaver mind can use.

    I was 40 years old when I obtained my B.A. degree in Organizational Management. My business experience was valuable and functional. The education adorned my mind with structure and definition particularly with the materials from Management theorists. Higher Education helped me learn where I could find material in refereed journals along with examples of how to perform valuable field research using statistical financial models to describe and predict human business behavior. To me, that was valuable material.

    Investors will not always see Higher Education as valuable as the major concern is in economic performance. If you examine performance, then you measure return on investment. Most people do better marketing the better idea. Higher Education is not a requirement to have superior profitable ideas. Imagination and persistence are the requirements.

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