ID-10032685How Much Do Americans Really Work

All of my life I have observed in wonderment, the number of Holidays we celebrate every year. These holidays are a blight on our productivity, to say the least. At a time when our economy is in the doldrums I believe that we should reconsider whether we really need these holidays, in the light of the fact that they have such a profound affect on our productivity.

We begin our year on Jan. with New Year’s Day. Of course on New Year’s Day no one gets anything done at all because we are either nursing a hang over or unable to reach anyone because they are nursing a hang over. And the day after New Year’s Day is spent talking about what we did over the holiday so nothing gets done then either. That’s two unproductive days.

Then on Jan, 20th we celebrate Martin Luther King day and no matter what day of the week it falls on at least three days are spent on various activities that produce nothing that we can call either profitable or productive. Then the third Monday of Feb. is Presidents’ Day. Now, everybody knows that when a holiday falls on a Monday we all leave work early on Friday and spend the following Tuesday recovering from and talking about what we did over that weekend and nothing gets done for four and a half days. The same goes for the last Mon. in May, Memorial Day. That’s another four and a half days of unproductive days and on and on it goes.

With July 4th Independence Day, the second Monday in October, Columbus Day, November 11, Veterans Day, the fourth Thursday in November, Thanksgiving day, Christmas on Dec. twenty fifth and New Year’s eve on the 31st. there aren’t that many work days left, in the year. Then we have eighty-four weekend days and then, of course there’s that two week vacation that everyone feels entitled to, to rest up from all the celebrating they have been doing throughout the year. Plus seven days of sick days and personal time. If you add all this up and subtract it from a three hundred and sixty-five day year, it leaves us with only two hundred and twenty two days, out of the year, to make a living.

BTW, I know that people will ‘Knee Jerk’ with the comment that Europe takes even more time off. I know this. This post is directed at the US only.

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  1. Tommy Joseph 09/24/2013 at 07:17

    Funny stuff. We all know our holidays are designed to give workers the feeling that they’re getting some kind of a break. Same thing with the weekend. But they can’t give too many breaks, which is why they merged the birthdays of Washington and Lincoln into one called Presidents Day. Plus, there’s only 365 days in the year and we’ve got to keep some slates open for new candidates. Maybe one day there will be a Kip Addotta Day. But if you were born on a date that is close to that of another famous person who is already on the holiday calender, it will be tough to squeeze you in. If there were no weekend passes for workers, they’d feel like they were slaves. Well, more accurately, they’d come to know they already are.

    Three Cheers for Non-Productivity

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