Who Do I Think I Am?

08/02/2014 — 6 Comments

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I am Kip Addotta! I am a recovering sinner! I am nothing, if not imperfect!

I expect the best of “Me” and look for the best in others!

I want “Me” to strive for perfection even though I know I will never achieve it. I end every day with disappointment, in myself and pride in the fact that I have learned about things and am aware of more that I can do better. I accept criticism readily and do not resent it. Please tell me how I can better myself because I will not hesitate to tell you.

However, beware of telling me something that is not your true feeling. If I sense that you are trying to derail my path you will pay a price. I am experienced enough to see deceit and I know that Karma is as real as steel and will seek you out no matter where you hide.

I enjoy people and do not judge them for small peccadilloes. If I respect you, I will do it from a place of patience. I have a good friend who tells me things about himself that I do not approve of, and yet, I never scold him because I do not want to lose the trust that he has in me. I listen without comment and he speaks in total comfort that I will receive information about him without being disappointed in him. The truth has set him free and he is solving his own issues, without me or my meddling.

I am not being Cryptic! I am saying things as simply as they are! If you are looking or waiting for a punch line you will be disappointed because there isn’t one!

I have two people that I trust implicitly! One is my Son Victor and the other is my love “It” who never fail to tell me their true feelings! Feelings that are not always positive. I hope the same for you!

Imperfectly Yours

Kip Addotta


6 responses to Who Do I Think I Am?

  1. Chuck Ostler 08/02/2014 at 22:56

    This is what I admire about you Kip. You are the real deal. Straight forward and honest. The critiques I hear you give from time to time are all meant in a loving way, but most people are too proud to hear constructive criticism. Those people will destroy themselves, and folks like you and I are only trying to give them the tough love that they need to hear for their own benefit. Sad thing is, they’re so used to stroking their own ego that they never try to grow. :(

  2. Carl Green 08/03/2014 at 01:44

    I feel Kip that you have been straight forward and up front with me about your thoughts and what you know! I some how knew that when we first connected on facebook we would relate to each other more than your average facebook friend! I am looking forward to our years ahead and contineuing friendship!
    Your friend,
    Carl Green

  3. STEVE EPSTEIN 08/03/2014 at 06:16

    Don’t look now but your spirituality is showing.

  4. Very Nice. And what Steve said.

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