Kip Addotta Calls Your Bluff!

10/10/2014 — Leave a comment


This is not for people that it does not apply to!

I want to know if what you say is what you mean. Does your word mean anything or are you paying lip service to life? Do you ever include yourself in any activity that doesn’t include cocktails? I am tired of the chatter about all the things people believe in when all they really believe in is getting liquored up and spewing “Duck Billed Platitudes” about positions they think will be acceptable to the most, rather than voice their true opinions even when they are not the “Official Position” of the party! As in, The Communist Party!

Are you who or what you say you are? Or are you just another empty suit? And by the way, how big is your ass? Does it take a yard stick and a pack of Winston reds to measure it? And why is your ass so big? Do you expect our Government to pay for a contraption to haul your ass around on?

Are you for real? Or are you simply another pig sucking at the public trough? Do you have a job? Or do you think that taking a pottery class will enable you to, someday, contribute to the betterment of mankind? Do you want free information on the mail? “But wait, there’s more!” Have you ever considered the fact that the phrase “No one beats our price” doesn’t mean that their price is the same as everyone else’s? Are you a chump?

What is your contribution? Are you a Philosophy major? Is this the guise you use to seem like you’re doing “Something” other than trying to set the Guinness World Record for the most fellatio given in one semester? Or maybe you believe that the size of your penis will find you a decent woman. Good luck with that!

If you answered yes to any of these, I strongly suggest that you take the shortest distance between two points and go directly to a Pimp who offers a health package!

I am Kip Addotta

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