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Svengali: One who manipulates or controls another by some mesmeric or sinister influence; especially a coach, mentor or industry mogul.

During my life and career, I have encountered Svengali types more often than one would expect. I get an idea and have a vision of the idea and under the guise of helping me realize my vision, they try to steer me in a direction that they say is the best for me. (Not really for them.) Or they try to sabotage my work by giving me bad advice behind the mask of being a friend. Much like the character Salieri, in the movie Amadeus.

This has happened, to me, in the recording studio, when I was making music videos and in my private life. If you have something that is good, they will be jealous of you, You have, most likely run into them, too. They will fill you with lies about friends they say are your enemies, and enemies they say are your friends.

They are charming and supportive at first and then, once they have gained your trust, they will turn on you and show their true colors.

Remember! Always go with your gut. If someone tries to derail your vision, get rid of them. You are the artist. You are the captain of your ship. You must discipline yourself to stay on your original course.

This is difficult to write about. I am not sure I am getting my point across. I am flying by the seat of my pants and believe this is how I should, and always have, felt.

Remember! Just because you're paranoid doesn't mean people aren't out to get you.

Kip Addotta


5 responses to Kip Addotta on Svengali

  1. Yes, this is a very difficult subject to communicate. It goes to the core of good vs evil. These are ungodly people. the world is full of deception, lies and evil. Kip, I believe you must be a man of faith. Most people seemingly go through life with blinders, It is not pleasant to understand the true evil nature of these Svengolis which collectively include the gov’t, media and entertainment industry ( I urge people to go to youtube and look up the hoaxes Boston or Sandy Hook for example)

    Kip is right, use your gut, intuition or spider sense. We are not paranoid or wearing tin foil hats as the paid social media plants are trained to call us (see crisisactorsDOTorg).

  2. Tommy Joseph 02/27/2014 at 03:19

    From: Thomas Joseph
    President and Founder: “SACK”- (sabotage and cancel kip)


    We find your letter interesting. It takes nerve to think you can out smart us. We are growing in number and strength. Our duty is to root out and destroy anyone who tries to rise above our standard. Duty calls. We will root you out and tear down all you have built. But not yet. Not yet. Not until you have become as truly happy and satisfied as a man can possibly be. True success. At that point when you have at last achieved true success – we will visit you then. But not yet. We have others to deal with right now. We will get to you in good time, as mentioned above.

    By the way, I think your post was good because whether you know it or not you describe every workplace I’ve ever seen. I drove a cab for 33 years trying to operate as alone as possible. But there’s always going to be someone around to screw you up. Or help you maybe. How about a Svengali who hypnotizes people and gets them to do good things, how come we never hear about that. So I guess Svengali is the devil and God is someone we don’t know yet. Where is the good Svengali?


  3. Well TJ, you treat this as a laughing matter, but it is no joke. When I worked in government there were a lot of genuinely evil people there. They could not stop me and my faith has led me to better employment situation. You cannot be truly happy until you realize that our lives are an audition before God.

    • Tommy Joseph 03/06/2014 at 06:11

      Wow, didn’t check this till today. Good, a response from you. And now one from me. Everything is a laughing matter – in time. Even my own suffering is a laughing matter – in time.

      I’m not sure I believe in good and evil, especially evil. I believe there are people who are born nuts and others who are completely sane but desperate and lack ethics. But I hesitate to call them evil as that seems to imply that people are born evil, and I just can’t believe that. Could be true though, who knows?

      Anyway, Kip’s post was a laughing matter, but serious at the same time – which is the way I like it. When I asked, “Where is the good Svengali?”, I was saying yes, there are many who would lead us astray. But they are not the only guides. All our lives we receive guidance from good Svengalis, but the bad ones have a firmer grip on our memories. I can’t speak for you Al, but I need a Svengali in my life. I need a good dictator to keep me in line.

      Thanks for the response. You do realize i am arguing about something I know absolutely nothing about, which makes it all the more fun. Thanks, Al. Actually, I’m not arguing at all – just shouting into the wind on sails provided by master skipper Kip Addotta.


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