Ladies, Would You Lactate Your breasts For The Man You Love

01/31/2014 — 1 Comment


Let me preface this by telling you the story of my mother. When I was eighteen months old, one morning, I was suckling my mother’s left breast. She pulled her left breast out of my mouth, put me down and left and I never saw her again.

So, it is only natural for me to be fascinated by woman’s breasts and the milk that they can produce. So, my question is this, ladies. Say you’re in love with a man and he is in love with you. He has one fetish. He wants you to lactate your breasts, so, that he can enjoy the wonderful nectar they hold. This can be achieved by one simple visit to your doctor. The question is this. Would you lactate your breasts for the man you love?

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  1. Tommy Joseph 02/07/2014 at 01:19

    “Don’t get me wrong, I have committed many sins, however, they were not Mortal Sins.

    In order for one to commit a Mortal Sin, one must do three things.

    1. One must know it’s a sin.

    2. One must contemplate committing the sin.

    3. One must commit the sin.

    Under these criteria, you have probably never committed a Mortal Sin either. However there are people who do commit Mortal Sins and they will burn in hell if they do not ask the forgiveness of the person or persons they have committed these sins against.”

    Kip Addotta


    How about a guy coming out of a confession box totally cleared of all sin, walks out onto the street and promptly gets hit by a bus and killed. He’s on his way to heaven.

    But what if he doesn’t die right away? What if one of the ambulance attendants is a beautiful female with outstanding breasts and she’s leaning down over him to take his pulse and he’s starting to get exciting, thinking ‘dirty’ thoughts, all the while trying to close his eyes to block the source of his excitement from his mind, trying to hold on to his cleansed soul, but giving in at the last moment and ejaculating in his pants right while staring at the attendant before slipping into darkness. Is he going to hell?

    Anyway, forget that example – I just think it’s funny how confession cleanses the soul to the point where I can imagine a guy coming out of the booth and walking with sin-free pride through the doors of the church and out into the street saying, “God, if I’m going to die, now is a good time for it.” (Without going to far and actually wishing for it, that would be a sin too).


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