Maija Di Giorgio

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Maija Di Giorgio

Maija Di Giorgio presses the fact that she is half black and half Italian! Obviously her mother is/was Black and her father was/is Italian! She is attempting to make a career in Comedy based on this fact.

I am full blooded Sicilian (Mother Bucallo – Father Addotta) and I must admit that it never occurred to me to trade in this currency. Nor the fact that I had children or any other thing, but, being entertaining to an audience.

Miss Di Giorgio seems to think that making racist comments about White People is acceptable. I do not! I could avoid this topic because, as a Sicilian, I am not a member of the White Race, whatever that is. Evidently Miss Di Giorgio hasn’t had any negative experiences with White People, but has decided to use this as a hook to bring her to national prominence. So much for her intelligence!

Miss Di Giorgio has stated, “I don’t trust White People! If I see a restaurant with no black people or Italian people in it I won’t eat there because the food couldn’t be good! I don’t date White Men! White people are the problem with the US!” And she goes on and on.

However, she does not define what she means when she refers to White People! Are they Flemish, Norwegians, Swedish, German, Swiss, Irish, Scottish, English, Russian, Canadian, Polish, Bulgarian, Hungarian? i’m confused!

Or maybe she simplifies her position by referring to all people with White Skin. I have White Skin because I stay out of the sun. If I went out in the sun, for an hour every day, I would be and have been darker that some so called Black People! Or is she, simply, depending on the ignorance of her audience and hoping they don’t ask any of these, inconvenient, questions?

In the end, can I blameĀ Maija Di Giorgio? Yes! However I feel that I also must blame her audience for allowing this sort of thing. If she would have said any one of her thingsĀ about Blacks or Hispanics, the audiences would have revolted. But saying them about White People was allowed! All racism toward all people must be stamped out! We cannot service, as a nation, with these double standards!

I am Kip Addotta

You can find out all about me at

Thank you

6 responses to Maija Di Giorgio

  1. Tommy Joseph 08/04/2014 at 01:14

    Calm down, Kip – watch that blood pressure – da bitch aint worth the aggravation.

    Truth is, you’re in the biz and take it more seriously than I do, or more personally I should say. I too am annoyed by such antics. But professional ‘victimization’ is on the upswing in all fields of endeavor lately.

    I have not seen this woman you’re talking about. I don’t think I have to. I know exactly what you’re talking about. I have seen it too and do not like it.

    I actually enjoy watching some talent competitions on tv. It’s hypnotically disgusting. You don’t know the contestants from their talent, but from their side stories. The wounded warrior. The old guy. The young kid. The single Mom. The foster child. The recovering alcoholic. They’re all there, all bases covered.

    To see this crap on a talent competition is one thing, to see it from a so-called pro is even worse. Of course I understand your bitterness. All I can say is, please don’t worry, I doubt that she’s going anywhere. If she does go somewhere, whatever that’s supposed to mean, I guess it’s just part of the dumbing down process all the way around.


  2. Maija Di Giorgio’s bones after she has died will be white. Every person’s bones will be white. In fact, I see many people with black skin with a condition that destroys their pigment and their skin is becoming white. I wonder to myself what they think about it. The truth is our bodies and skin are mere conduits for our soul while on earth. I do not like having my picture or image taken because that is not me. My spiritual self is me.

  3. Tommy Joseph 08/05/2014 at 00:53

    They may find a cure for death before Maija dies. If they do find a cure it will probably come the day after I die. Or you die. We will be dead, but Maija will live on. Unless they also find a way to bring back the dead. But even if they do find a way to do that, I’m sure they will be brought only to be used as slaves. Brought back to life, cloned multiple times, and used as slaves for eternity. I know you are an actuary and can get a pretty good idea of when Maija will die. I’m just saying, her bones may be white, but they may not ever become dead bones, because science is working on a cure for death even now as we speak.


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