No More Mr. Nice Guy

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I have come to believe that I do my best work when i am tired!

When I am tired, I don’t care and not caring brings the creativity out of me. Gone is the worry about what others will think. To hell with the politically correct and the overly concerned. “Frankly, Scarlet, I don’t give a damn!”

If someone doesn’t like me because of the lack of color in my skin so be it! They can go pound sand!

If people want to ridicule me for expecting them to be responsible for themselves and there actions they can go spin on a fence post.

And I am sick and tired of pretending that women are better than men when women can’t even produce a feather weight boxing contender. Get down off of those stilts you call shoes and dig in like the rest of us! Girls DO have Cooties and we all know it!

I’m going to say it. I like tattoos! It makes it easier to spot the idiots! (Except for my daughter in-law. She’s bigger than I am)

And another thing, mow your lawn, in the summer and shovel your walk, in the winter and if you don’t have a lawn or a walk get them, you nincompoop!

And to you (So called) boys, out there. Pull your pants up so you can run from the police with some style, for crying out loud. You look like a bunch of sissies. And why aren’t keyboards in alphabetical order? Then we’d all know how to type!

Here’s a special note to Chef Gordon Ramsey! Get a TV Dinner, sit down and watch your flat screen, like the rest of us, you pompous epicurean puke!

Here’s another special note to all the girls at Fox News, stop talking so fast and stop talking over each other, we can’t understand a word you’re saying! Also, Greta Van Susteren! Stop shopping at Brooks Brothers, buy a dress! And if you can’t afford a dress barrow one from Alan Colmes, a flowered print, even a MooMoo would be an improvement!

Finally, I think that the next President of The United States should be a dog! We’ve never had a Canine President and I think it’s about time! An Airedale would be nice!

There! I feel better now!

I am Kip Addotta and I approve this message!

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