Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

12/03/2014 — 9 Comments


I recently read an article on the things that successful people have in common!

Of course hard work, long hours and faith in ones self were mentioned. But, there was one attribute that caught my mind. Neatness! “A place for everything and everything in its place!”

I know that if “My” space is cluttered or in disorder I cannot function effectively! I am nervous, distracted and my stomach is as upset as, how I imagine, a death row inmate’s stomach is. I believe that I am a classic “A Type” personality!

I feel guilty if I waste my spare time relaxing, I must be doing something in order to relax, I hate vacations and holidays and anything that slows or interrupts progress towards a goal, I need to be successful in order to derive enjoyment from an activity, I generally move, walk and eat rapidly and I am happiest when I am doing more than one thing at the same time (Multi-tasking) As an example, at the very moment, I am drafting “This” blog I am using the time I have while thinking about what I will express next to shave my face, with my electric razor. And, of course, all the clothing, in my closet is hung and folded in a specific manner!

All of these behaviors could be defined as faults and yet, every one of them is a trait shared by successful people!

When I make a promise to “Myself” as in, I will exercise, write a blog and put up a video everyday, I must accomplish these things if I want to get a good night’s sleep, this evening! OCD? Could be! I do not recommend this sort of life style, as a way of life for anyone else, excepting those, of you, who want to be successful!

I am Kip Addotta

Please, please, please, comment on this on my web site!! So I can sleep tonight…




9 responses to Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

  1. Debi Sedey 12/03/2014 at 22:50

    You and I have had this conversation before. It’s like you are reading the script of the movies of my life. I’m working very hard, as I age, to learn how to relax. I even put it on my “to do list” and If I don’t relax I feel guilty. Talk about a Catch 22 LOL.

  2. For me it is not a matter of cluttered or not, but that everything needs to be the way I want it. The pens pacing the same way and in the same place I left them. My desk is cluttered, but there is order to the disarray.

  3. Warren Lunsford 12/04/2014 at 02:14

    I have wanted everything in it’s place. I find the second law of thermodynamics of entropy seems to pervade everything in the world. I came to terms with the idea that the world is not a perfect place, and I am not a perfect person.

    With this in mind, I do try to continuously improve myself and the world around me that is within my span of control.

  4. Tommy Joseph 12/04/2014 at 02:14

    The urge to relax does not make me guilty and I do not look upon doing nothing as a waste of time. What good is time if it can’t be wasted? I have the desire to be successful but not the energy or will to carry it out, in the same way that people would like to go to bed at night and wake up the next day with a perfect body without having to go to the gym, or more close to home, the way I want to hit the lottery but don’t want to buy the ticket.

    Maybe it’s true that ‘driven’ folks are more likely to share OCD traits, but I have a few of my own, and I’m not driven (unless someone’s behind me with a whip). In fact, even now as I speak I hear the bed calling for my return. I am leaning in that direction.

    I enjoyed your comments, especially the middle paragraphs where it sounded like someone ‘sharing’ at a 12 step recovery program. I think a program for fear would go over big. It would be all inclusive. Anyone who wishes to express a fear, any fear, can get up and talk about it. “Hi, my name is Tommy Joseph and I’m afraid of…………………” Thanks for sharing, Kip.


  5. Dinny Chisholm 12/04/2014 at 04:49

    Interesting! You state that ‘these things could be defined as faults’ but that they are traits shared by successful people. That doesn’t mean that all successful people must have these traits. This is a connection that does happen, but it is a generalization. Are you justifying your behavior, or are you explaining it? Again, very interesting.

  6. I bet the article wrongly defines “successful” in materialistic, social status, monetary or terms.

    • Tommy Joseph 12/06/2014 at 06:57

      Al, I have to agree, because without reading the article I am already aware that being successful is subjective. Just as one man’s garbage can be another man’s treasure, so too can one man’s success be another man’s enslavement. Minor hopes of success are acceptable. For example, I am in a football pool, and I hope my picks are successful this week.


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