People Of A Certain Age

11/05/2014 — 4 Comments


I have never tried to hide my age or lied about my age!

I believe that the older I get the more successful I have been at taking care of myself and winning at life. The Lord has seen fit for me to live a long time! Younger people try their damnedest to live a long time and yet when they see someone doing it, they attack them! “You’re old, why are you still here?” I’ll tell you what I’m doing. I’m having the time of my life!

The last bastion of bigotry in Ageism! When people refer to me as old it is usually meant as a derogatory word. And they seem to think that this sort of bigotry is allowable. It is not! I have been where you are going! You had best ask me what lies before you. You had best tape into the vast well of knowledge that people like me possess! If you do not you are bound to make the same mistakes that I may have, Wise up!

People that are afraid of their own age and lack of accomplishment, often lash out against people like me! And people like me are tired of it! As of now, I am giving fair warning! Anyone who practices ageism will be challenged and I am asking all of you to join my cause!

As I see people lash out against us, I will let you know about it and vice versa. Let’s go after these people and show them that it is not cool, anymore!

Join Me

I am Kip Addotta

4 responses to People Of A Certain Age

  1. Kip,

    Your comments on ageism, or age discrimination, is correct. I turned gray early, and i have noticed the older I get the more intense this becomes. I stand side by side with you standing up against this discrimination. It is time people of experience stand up for Gray Rights.

    • Tommy Joseph 11/05/2014 at 03:06


      The older I get I find myself using age as an excuse for lots of things . I’ve waited all my life for this. I look younger than my age and have not yet experienced the horrors of age discrimination.

      I have made a funny observation though. I walk a lot. Not as regular as I used to. But I still do it. I’ll walk the long way around to the store, then back up the hill toting the bags.

      All my life I have worked with drivers when crossing a street, not against them. I get halfway out and wave them on, waiting for a break to jut across. I don’t like making people stop.

      But the last few years I notice more and more people are stopping. Why? Why the sudden civility? Finally it hit me, it must look older than I think – these people are slowing down to let the old guy struggling with his bags get across the street. Maybe I don’t look as young to others as I do to myself.

      Being older has it’s advantages. Like if I get into an argument with a young punk and it escalates to the point where it looks like he’s going to swing – even though I’m really 67 I can scream, at the punk, “You think you’re tough? Well, this 82 year old geezer is going to kick your ass, punk!” When he hears you’re 82, especially in front of a crowd, he will back off, not wanting to be known as the guy who took advantage of a helpless old man.


  2. Tommy Joseph 11/05/2014 at 02:46

    As long as I continue looking younger than I really am I don’t mind people asking my age. I want them to ask. I would love to say I’m 77, but that would be a lie. I am 67. I’d want to play the age card now, because by the time I really am 77 I might look 88. In the meantime I want people to ask me how old I am, and I want them to be surprised by the answer, even if their reaction is exaggerated or totally fake.

    I had an uncle who was ultra sensitive about being asked his age. I remember him exploding one time when I innocently asked how old he was.

    “What difference does it make?”, he said.

    “Well”, I said, “I’m just curious.”

    “Why?”, he said.

    “Well, I was just wondering – I mean it’s only natural to be curious………….”

    But again he cut me off. “Why?”

    I have to question why people are so defensive about giving their age. It’s not like I’m going to report them to the “Old Folks Extermination Squad”, I merely want to know.

    Why? Probably in case one day I’m arguing with somebody who thinks they know more about something than they really do. Then I can say, “How old are you anyway?”

    If they are younger than me, that means they don’t know what they’re talking about because they haven’t lived long enough to know. If they are older than me, that means they are stodgy and inflexible and living in the past. If they are my age exactly, well then, I’m afraid we’re just going to have to take it outside and settle it mano y mano. How much do you weigh?


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