People Who Aren’t Worth Your Time

11/16/2014 — 3 Comments


If you let yourself waste time on people who you dislike by even giving them a corner at the back of your mind you waste the precious space for feelings of content and happiness. There is only that much real-estate in your heart and filling it with negative feelings towards someone leaves no room for anything else.

The less time we spend minding someone else, someone else we despise, the more time we have to enjoy life. After all, there are very few people in the world who truly deserve hate – and even then, it’s giving them too much credit, thinking about them. Having no emotions for someone who has done you wrong is a better option in any case. It’s even better to turn your negative emotions around, turn them into pity or acceptance. It is even possible to turn them into respect if you try hard enough.

There is good I everyone. Some just tend to have more than others but there is something to be found in every single individual, something that can be admired. You may not like what they do or how they do it but you can admire their courage to do these things or their determination. There is always something you can find too, to help you develop tolerance and, even, a certain amount of respect. Why? Because the alternative will harm you more than it will harm them.

What we feel affects us, first, and then it also affects people around us when we lash out – and we do lash out eventually. Negative vibes tend to affect only those who care about us – people we care about. And if left untreated it can spiral down into an inflated issue where there wasn’t one to begin with.
If you can’t find something good in someone, forgive and move on. That’s the best way to rid yourself of these needless emotions. The moment you do you’ll feel happier. And it really doesn’t matter why you had them in the first place – how you feel will only hurt you, no other; by feeling anger or hate you only let them hurt you more.

There is a good exercise for letting go of such feelings towards people around you: find one good thing about them, just one – and hold on to that thought. Every time you feel anger or disdain towards someone go back to that thought, a positive thought about them and see the negative feelings vanish. It feels like a breath of fresh air, truly.

The fewer people you feel upset with, or things for that matter, the happier you’ll feel. Negativity tends to pile up and unless you actively let go of it, let it drain, it’ll boil on to the surface and lead to all sorts of things you might regret in the future. With very few exceptions, there is good to be found in everyone, always something to be admired or, at the very least, respected and accepted.

I am Kip Addotta

This from Neila Rey

3 responses to People Who Aren’t Worth Your Time

  1. Tommy Joseph 11/17/2014 at 06:16

    Ah yes, tolerance and acceptance, my feelings exactly – nicely expressed by Kip. What took him so long to come around? It’s about time. Welcome to the club. Our purpose is to spread the message of the serenity-producing powers of tolerance and empathy and acceptance. I am as calm. I am serene because I am able to take more abuse than the average person. But I will not accept intolerance. Never! We must weed intolerant people out and exterminate them for the good of mankind. My name is Tommy Joseph and I approve and accept Kip’s message. Good one.


  2. I have to disagree that “there is good to be found in everyone, always something to be admired or, at the very least, respected and accepted.”. People who believe this choose to deny the reality that the world is run by evil people with evil intentions. There are many people who, whether they know it or not, worship lucifer. The love of money (materialism) is the root of all evil. As for respect, I do not respect those who go through life with their eyes and minds closed, You try to show them the truth they insult you and call you names. I pity them.

    • Tommy Joseph 11/18/2014 at 21:19


      I pity no one unless they share pitiable conditions similar to my own.

      It’s all about me. Also, I don’t believe in good and evil. But I do believe there are people with bad intentions. Bad for others, maybe not so bad for them.

      I am the most tolerant person I know – so tolerant that I am able to tolerate ignorance and narrow mindedness. I can be narrow minded. I have some views that are narrow-minded. But typically I arrive at my narrow-minded views through open-minded thinking. I am also modest. Perhaps the most modern man alive. Too modest to argue about it, that’s for sure.

      Come on Al, let’s give mankind a break.


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