Politics And Relationships

09/13/2013 — 1 Comment

The old saying; “Never talk about politics or religion” is still good advice. However if your looking for a mate, I believe that it is even more important to get a good idea to find out if your date has similar views to your own.

In a relationship arguments concerning politics will lead to permanent anamocity that can never be eliminated. Hard feelings that will be just under the surface of everything you do with you partner. No matter how much you are attracted to your partner, political differences will both feel that the other is stupid an no amount of physical attraction can out weigh it.

If there are children involve it’s even worst. Each parent will find it impossible not to try to recruit the children over to their side of the dispute. This will cause great discomfort for the children and even more malice between the parents. The same thing can be said about your friends. Avoid political discussions at all costs. You will never change their minds and they will never change yours. A political stalemate is the most horrible thing that can happen to a family barbecue.

All of this strife can be avoided if you find out what your potential mate political stance is before you commit to a serious relationship. Bars are the worst place to begin a long running relationship. People who are full of lust and liquored up will lie about their true feelings, believing thst this cupeling is only a short term romp and it doesn’t matter what your partner believes politically. But, even on a one night stand, the topic can come up and not only ruin the night but also create a life long enemy.

I was single during the Reagan administration and when I went out for an evening of sport, I always played the role of a liberal. I would say things like, “That Reagan is an idiot. That he should be thrown out of office.” It never failed to insure a successful hunt. After a night of frolicing, I would decide how long I was willing to play this charade depending on how load this girl could ring my bell. But no matter how loud my bell was rung I would never consider this person as a candidate for marriage.


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  1. Tommy Joseph 09/14/2013 at 02:12

    The older I get the more likely it seems that almost nothing can be discussed without an argument. It’s not just politics and religion, it could be any topic – especially if it goes on too long, which by my definition is anything extending beyond my opinion and the single response I typically allow. However, I agree that politics and religion own the top spot on the “Let’s Not Go There” list.

    But it’s true – the older I get, greater grows the list of things best not to talk about. You can’t win even if you’re right. If someone disagrees with you on something, doesn’t matter how much you know, they’ll spend the whole night searching the web for quotations written by other people, usually famous ones – quotes they think best suited to rebut your comments. They will then use those words instead of their own.

    I am not against discussing politics if it’s with someone who hates politics as much as I do. We can sit around all night and never have an argument. Oh, maybe if it goes too long we might get into an ego-fueled beef over who between us hates politics more. Could even result in an all out fist fight. Competition abounds.

    People will argue over anything. For example, what’s your favorite color? – “Blue? My God, what kind of idiot picks a stupid color like that as their favorite?” Even funnier is when the arguers actually agree but don’t even know it. Instead they will argue over how the other person’s agreement was not properly expressed. I have more to say on this topic but am leaving now. I don’t want to increase the chances of an argument. Thanks. Peace out, Bro.


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