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Like charity, I believe that responsibility begins at home!

If one looks for trouble they will find it. Here comes the thin ice!

What is the motive behind women who go out wearing clothing that only “Legally” covers their breasts and genitals? The woman in my life tells me that women dress first for other women (Look what I can get away with!), and second for men.

Then they go out in a group, dressed in much the same way and they go to a location where they are likely to run into people who are of the same mind set. Is this to see which lady will attract the most men? And what kind of and how many men will “The Alfa Female” attract? Sounds like fun.

Do these woman drink cocktails to the point of intoxication? Do some of them hook up with a males who also have the same motives? Are the chances of a pregnancy accelerated by this situation? Is anyone aware of the ramifications of their behavior?

At what point are any of these people responsible for the results? I am not being facetious. I would like to know! At what point does someone think about whether they are likely to be responsible for the conception of a fetus?

Is there any reason to hold anyone responsible for the liability of the child?

These are questions that I do not have the answers to! All I know is that I am lucky to have been in love with the mothers of my children.

I am Kip Addotta

And I am responsible for my actions and this blog!

I am also missing a white cotton sock




4 responses to Responsibility

  1. Melissa Schickel 08/13/2014 at 23:54

    I am appalled by our local high school female running team and what they run in out in public. It looks like nothing more than their underwear. It barely covers the butt cheeks. I often wonder how do any of their parents allow them to run (train) out in our neighborhoods and on the public trail knowing that you never know what strangers are out there and they are not being chaparoned by any coach or adult. Then I see the young girls who wait for the school buses. What ever happened to dress codes and decency?

  2. When I went to school there was dress code
    Now anything bing goes geez thats crazy to me IMO

    • They think there cool but really they just look down right sloppy and what do you think of guys with those dum shaggy pants. All I can see is. I don’t care to see there underwater or even there butts yucky gross

  3. I’m missing a black cotton sock. Is there someone out there with three grey cotton socks wondering where the odd sock came from?

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