Saying the right thing at the right time

05/06/2013 — Leave a comment

We found ourselves on the Blue Gulf Turnpike when we saw flashing red lights in the rear view mirror.  The cop had pulled over two long haired “hippy-types” for speeding.  The officer asked, “Do you boys know how fast you were going?”  We said no.  The officer said that we were doing ninety miles an hour in a fifty-five mph zone. He informed us that we would get a four hundred dollar ticket. And, since we were from out-of-state, he would have to impound our car, and we might be doing thirty days in jail.

Since I was driving, I knew I had to say something to avoid this fate.  My mind was spinning.  I gathered all the courage I could muster and said, “Officer, couldn’t you simply beat the hell out of us and cut our hair off?”  Well, the officer started laughing and laughing and said, “What are you guys, a couple of comedians?”  I said, “Yes, officer,” and we showed him our pictures and resumes.  Finally, he said, “Well, I guess I can let you two go, but take it easy!”  I don’t know where my response came from, but somehow, I had said the right thing at the right time!

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