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I have had my share of liquor and I have done without it for four years, now. No, I did not get into any twelve step plan to do it. If that’s what you need to accomplish alcohol free living great. But I have never been a joiner of groups. I find them incestuous!

One day I simply admitted the truth to myself and that truth was that I did not nor ever have ever liked the taste of the stuff. And I had made a promise to myself that I wouldn’t ever again do anything that I did not enjoy doing!

Imagine life without liquor. Crime would be near non-exsistant, traffic deaths would be a seldom occur, people would feel better and look better and marriages would more often than not be a life long experience and un-wanted children won’t be created. Abortion clinics would dry up and blow away and the debate over wether or not abortion should be legal would end! (Even though I am against abortion, I do believe that, in some cases, it may be necessary, but never simply to enable men and women to live irresponsibly!)

When I go out, I have a great time and am able to be as annoying as I ever have with liquor in me. (A real plus) Try it sometime. Go out and don’t drink. The first thing you will notice is how badly the people around you are behaving. You used to be one of those people! But, not any more! No longer will you have to drive home with the pressure of having to drive with the real danger of being pulled over by the authorities and incurring a mark on your record and added expences, that over the course of ten years will amount to Thirty Nine Thousand Dollars. More than enough to put a down payment on a beautiful home. A home that you will be able to afford because you no longer have the expense and ancillary expenses that liquor creates. The benefits of an alcohol free life are endless!

So give it a shot 9No pun intended!

I am Kip Addotta

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  1. Timothy Winslow 12/28/2014 at 19:36

    The wife and I have stopped going to parties a few years back. We get invited to them, but we normally stayed home until last year when we decided that we like the idea of seeing a couple of movies. So now we attend a couple of movies at a local theater, eating there, no alcohol and just some togetherness time for ourselves. This is now becoming our tradition.

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