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UnknownI want you to know that I care. I care about every one of the billions of cells that you contain. I care about you and yours!

I care about your success too. I want you to be all that you can be. However, if that is your wish, it will have to be your concern every waking moment of every day. Remember, if you live to be seventy-two you will have lived twenty-five thousand days. Didn’t know that did you. So, wasting time is not an option!

If you follow the powers that be, you will be doomed to failure!

Foe instance, if you have a three-day “Holiday” coming up (Saturday Sunday Monday) and you follow the trend of leaving or stopping work at noon on Thursday, as many do, you are not a rebel, independent or dedicated. You are simply one of the throng of people who will spend their tim here on earth and then pass without notice. If you believe you have an obligation to go out and drink on St. Patrick’s Day, then chances are you will not be notable for anything when all is said and done.

I urge you to work hard and truly walk to the beat of a different drummer because if you allow society to influence your work habits you will have nothing to show for you merger efforts, in the end!

Now pardon me, I must go do my workout!

I am Kip Addotta

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