The Blob

11/13/2014 — 1 Comment


The Blob

Without breathing nothing is possible. I love breathing. I could be a blob and enjoy it. Defense could be a problem; blobs are easy to get at. But even if you die as a blob, as long as you keep coming back as a blob, then everything is cool. You just go on breathing with split second pauses between each death, only to return again, over and over forever, savoring the wondrous gift of air and the throbbing contentment it brings to things that don’t demand too much. Merely existing is the greatest luxury there is.

To be in the know
Live life slow
Grow and glow
Let it come, let it go
Take it high, take it low
Be a blob and go with the flow


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  1. Tommy Joseph 11/13/2014 at 05:05

    I will leave a comment. Not on my post, but on the blob picture you put above it. Good choice. I swear it looks almost exactly like the picture of a part of my stomach the doctors presented me after my colonscopy. Erosive gastritis they call it. That blob pic you used looks like something from the gastro intestinal tract. Or is that ‘track’? It’s similar to not knowing whether it’s ‘toe’ the line or ‘tow’ the line, or it takes two to ‘tango’ or two to ‘tangle’. Some words I still don’t know for sure and am too lazy to look them up. That’s why pictures are better. You knew that. I applaud your choice. How do you know if a blob is applauding? It glows more. Thanks, Kip.


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