The Car I Drive

03/24/2014 — 2 Comments


I promised myself that I would write an article for my blog every day. Keeping promises to ones self is important, although not always convenient. There are times that I simple don’t know what to write about. Of course the old rule always applies. “Never talk about politics or religion.”

I drive a 2011 Bullet Mustang. An homage, by Ford, to Steve McQueen and hit hit movie, “Bullet.”

Over my life I have owned and driven almost every car from Pontiac to Ferraris. This Mustang is the best car I have ever driven. Its fast, handles well and it’s built like a vault. And it’s faster, though the guarder mile that the big Camero and an F16 jet! (This was proven on “Top Gear.”

It is also one of the most beautiful cars I have ever driven. It has an Allison four hundred and thirteen horse power motor. Its black with dark grey leather interior. It has power steering cruise control, poet windows, a five speed automatic transmission, rear wheel drive, positracton and even a setting for going down hills. Oh, did I mention GPS?

I think everyone should drive a big engine Mustang. The sound alone makes is thrilling, in itself. And speaking of sound, it has eighty-two speakers in it including one under the bottom of every seat.

The gas milage is good, considering what I’m driving and I get a lot more looks than any Lamborghini. So, I am happy, ti sat the least.

Kip Addotta


2 responses to The Car I Drive

  1. and I’m sure you have the “are YOU okay?” well rehearsed just in case your lady was to somehow find herself behind the wheel and get into an accident.

  2. Tommy Joseph 03/24/2014 at 22:30

    Just like you, I love attention, and I get it with my car. I had it custom built by a friend who knows the biz inside out. He used many different car parts to build it to my specifications. Engine power was not my concern. Trunk space meant nothing. Had it been 20 years ago, back when I worked part time as a hitman, it would have been a different story.

    I want a car that will last long with as few problems as possible. Practicality. But above that I love attention most of all. So I had my friend build a car for me alone. I call it the snob car. It’s all about me. There is only one seat, mine, and the back of the car ends abruptly behind where I sit. But the hood extends 20 feet into the road. I call it The Bullet. Get out of my way!

    Just kidding of course, haven’t had a car in 35 years. Imagine that. Me, the greatest driver the world has ever known, 33 years of professional driving without a single accident, and no car. The lucky folks of this nation should get together – hell, a penny apiece would do it – and buy me a car so I can live out the remainder of my life in peace and comfort while giving me an opportunity to drive across the country and see my west coast friends at least one more time before I die, or before they do.



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