The Fanatics (Fans)

10/15/2014 — 5 Comments


I have had some experience with fans.

First, they approach and begin to embarrass you with adoration. As the conversation continues they will switch gears and begin to use the phrase “I am not saying these things because you are famous, but because I like your style and enjoy your work.

Then they tell you that they too have had some experience with performing and go on to say that they understand what you do from the inside.

Before long they will tell you that they have asked their friends if “They” liked your work and have gotten mixed opinions and sometimes are told that some of their friends don’t know who you are or that they vaguely remember you.

Again, they reiterate that they are not saying any of these things because you are a celebrity and that they don’t have any interest in celebrities, if you were one. And if you are, indeed, a celebrity, you owe me because I am a fan and without me you would be nothing!

If you have the horror of being introduced to people they know, you will notice that you are the only one that has a last name. It’s Bob, Marsha, Mike, Floyd, Ted, I want you to meet Kip Addotta! If there friends don’t know who you are they will demonstrate disdain for you and give you that “Your not as important as I thought you were” look! You will never be asked to mingle with them again.

If they run into you again they will claim that they didn’t know who you were when they met you and infer that as far as they are concerned you are not “All That!”

Fun Huh!

I am Kip Addotta

5 responses to The Fanatics (Fans)

  1. Tommy Joseph 10/15/2014 at 18:04

    I like the first 3 paragraphs after the opening, “I have had some experience with fans.” Great imagery there, I see it as bit in a movie or tv show. The fan knows he’s falling all over himself, but the deeper he goes with embarrassing compliments the more he knows he sounds like a fool – so he starts to back off, and in doing so puts his foot in his mouth even more. I believe we all have experienced doing this very same thing, only maybe we don’t remember or want to remember.

    I have known the tingle of embarrassment that comes with trying to make my words perfect so I can be perfectly understood, first saying one thing, then another, back and forth, each time putting my foot even deeper into my mouth, fully aware during the decline that it is happening and I started it. I have known going forward only to back up, and going backward only to go forward, like a squirrel trying to cross the road. I hope I am making myself clear. Not because I think you are incapable of understanding, but because maybe I’m not expressing myself right – and I want our communication to be successful on both ends, not just mine, because it’s never all about me, nor is it ever all about you – it’s about us. Do you know what I mean?

    Loved the imagery of your post,


  2. Melissa Schickel 10/15/2014 at 18:47

    I have found the opposite to be true also. I have now, I want to say 3 times, by different people I considered friends, to have them introduce me to other people they know as “my number one fan!” or my “Biggest fan” or the one that I think I was the most insulted by, “My oldest fan!” My heart breaks each time and then I become embarrassed and enraged at the same time because all I can think is, “is that all you think of me? Is that all my behavior has conveyed? Is that only how you see me?”

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