First place is always a fix! Second place, you have to earn!

The Fix

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  1. Tommy Joseph 10/09/2014 at 03:01

    Years ago I decided, since I’m never going to be a winner, it might be easier being a loser. Not just any loser, but a champion loser – the greatest loser of all time. I felt the level of competition on the losing end would be less. But I was stuck in the middle of the ladder. I couldn’t go up, had a lot of trouble going down.

    Eventually I worked my way more than halfway down the ladder. I was now on the losing side, the bottom level. Now I was operating on the thrill of victory. I was on my way. It became easier to move down. I was getting good at it. But near the bottom things bogged down and I was stuck. I had put myself in a worse place on the ladder.

    I found out that competing to lose is just as hard as competing to win. Even harder. Very brutal on the losers end.

    I was stuck near the bottom of the losers pile but could go no lower. My dreams of being number one were smashed. I decided to not chase either one, winning or losing. Nor would I settle for being in the middle of the ladder with people below clawing at my heels, and people on top using my face as a launching pad.

    I decided to get off the ladder completely. It was not easy, but I did it. I got off the elevator on the ground floor and walked away never looking back.

    Tommy (the ladder) Joseph

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