The only time people believe me is when I lie to them

08/19/2013 — 2 Comments

My web master says that there needs to be more of me on my blog. I have been distracted, of late, by the preparation of shows that I presented at The ACME Theater, in Los Angeles. For the last four months I have been working from 7AM to 2AM, seven days a week, to write and produce these shows. My theory is that I should never do what an audience expects me to do. This theory has always worked well for me. The shows at the ACME went well and then I had to rest. Now I am rested.

Doing what I do is hard work and is only fun when I finally get to walk out on stage. There is no fear. There is no adrenalin rush. I know that what I have prepared is going to work. If that sounds arrogant then so be it. I must have the attitude that I am doing the show for me. That’s the only way an audience will enjoy it.

Did the audience laugh? Yes and they laughed exactly when I expected them to. But there are sections in my  of my performance when the audience does not laugh and I do not expect them to laugh. I must always remember that an audience must be rested. Given time to catch their breath. and relax. During these times I tell them anecdotes about my life, my childhood, my formative years.

I have never listened to a comedy album, in my life. That’s for the chumps. I do not want to be derivative in my work, and ones brain can play tricks on one.

At this point, in my life, I believe that I am a master at what I do. What I do is be myself, Kip Addotta. When i see the so called comedians of the day it makes me want to throw up. The foul language and the lack of creativity is appalling. I see them making mistakes that they have seen other, so called, comedians make. And so the mere mention of the word “Comedy” drives people away in the same way the word Disco does. So I do not allow the word “Funny”, “Comic” or “Comedian” appear in any of my advertising. This diminishes my brand which is Kip Addotta. Yes, I take what I do seriously and that is the only way it will be funny. If you come to one of my shows and I do exactly what you thought I would do then I have failed to do my job.




2 responses to The only time people believe me is when I lie to them

  1. Tommy Joseph 08/20/2013 at 07:09

    Agreed, a true artist needs no labels. As for lying, my take is similar to yours: Always tell the truth, they’re going to think you’re lying anyway. I also agree with your comments about you posting more to your own site. Good.


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