Why Do Comics Friend Other Comics

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i’m sorry (Not really) but, why would Karin Babbitt want to be friends with me? I do not get why comics group with other comics. We don’t have a mating season. At some allotted time we are not going to swim up stream. I wouldn’t sleep with another comic. I have no desire to hear their jokes of watch their video, so why?

The ‘why’ must be some sort of networking opportunity. Maybe knowing a lot of comedians will help you get work. Not! I’ve known some comics who were good friends, well one. (Mike Reynolds). Other than that I can’t think of one. And me liking him had nothing to do with him being a comic!

Do doctors hang around with other doctors? Do lawyers hang around with other lawyers? Is there a coffee shop, somewhere where all the plumbers go to discuss waste matter? I do not think so. Does Tiger Woods hang around with other golfers? No! But, for some reason people believe that comedians all hang out together. God forbid!

Why would that be? I don’t want to hear other comedian’s jokes and I don’t want them to hear mine. I’ll let an audience let me know if they think my stuff is funny. I wouldn’t have sex with a comedian or a comedienne. The thought of it makes me ill! The comics, that I have known are low lifes and malcontents. The worst sort. These are the ones I’ve met. Their may be hordes of comedians out there who are working for the betterment of all man kind. And me? I’m the king of France!


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