Why Men Talk Less Than Women

09/02/2013 — 2 Comments

I have read many studies on this topic and believe that while they are informative they do not deal with the cause of this phenomenon. The ‘experts’ explain that the act of speaking stimulates the pleasure zone, in the female brain, much the same as heroin does. But how did this effect evolve? Here is my theory.

When man began roaming our earth, the main role of men was to be ‘hunter gatherers.’ If you have ever been hunting you know that the one thing you don’t do is talk. Talking, above a low whisper once in a while, would scare the game away and there would be no meat for your family of tribe to eat.

On the other hand women were back at the encampment doing what women did to contribute to the well being of the family or tribe. They were nurturing the children, preparing food, making baskets or the many of other duties that women would occupy themselves with. All the while they were doing these things, women would talk between themselves, at a rather loud level. Why? To keep the game or, in their case, the predators away.

This phenomenon has evolved to the point that according to every study women, on average, speak between seventeen to twenty thousand words a day.

Men speak about one third of that amount. However men find themselves listening to this constant barrage of verbiage from females. I believe that this is why husbands die about ten years earlier that their wives. They have been talked to death.


2 responses to Why Men Talk Less Than Women

  1. Tommy Joseph 09/03/2013 at 03:07

    Amen. But to every rule there is at least one exception. I talk more than most women I’ve met. Someone has to balance things out. I agree with your hunter-gatherer theory, that being forced to bottle up their noise makes men explode early. But how about war? That takes lots of men too. I suppose war relates to your hunter-gatherer theory as being killed in war could be called a hunting accident of sorts.


  2. Tommy Joseph 09/07/2013 at 08:12


    Your comments indicate a belief that women live longer because they have less stress. I agree. But I want to examine it further. Women say they are doing men a favor when they give them sex. They are givers. Even their first time out is referred to as ‘giving it up’, as in, “How old were you when you gave it up?” With the guy it’s, “How old were you the first time you got it?” See the pattern here? The woman is the giver, the man is the taker.

    Still, today I hear many women complain about not getting enough sex (at home), which is funny because in the beginning it was the guy chasing after them as if they were some kind of unattainable prize. When they finally give in, it’s a sacrifice. But it goes beyond sex. If a woman has a successful career, it’s because she sacrificed marriage and children to do it. On the other hand, if she has a successful marriage, it’s because she sacrificed her career for it. It’s always a sacrifice with women. Don’t get me wrong, men pull the same obvious stunt – but let’s admit it, nowhere near as much as women. But how about me? Who knows what I might have missed on tv during the writing of this post?


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