Humility is highly over rated!  I find it an in genuine posture for anyone who practices it! If one works hard at something or is born with a talent that stands out, I believe one should shout about it from the roof tops!  I believe that people who portend to be modest “Are.” These people truthfully have nothing to be proud of and are taking a stance that is safe for them. Hiding their lack of accomplishment behind the mask of someone who would rather not boast! When, in fact, they have nothing to boast about!


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  1. Tommy Joseph 07/04/2014 at 00:39

    Pretty funny. Too many people in one place boasting of humility can cause a brawl.

    “I am the world’s most humble man”, one guy says, as another responds, “Oh no you’re not – I am the world’s most humble man.”

    Then others in the establishment rise from their stools to debate the issue, each claiming to be the world’s most humble man.

    The bartender, a professionally trained keeper of the peace intervenes. “Gentlemen, Gentlemen, please settle down. We can settle this reasonably.”

    He then proposes a Humility Competition at $20 a head. 30 guys get in. Whoever wins will receive $600 bucks. The bartender sets a date for the competition (8 days from now), and spends a good week creating questions and answers for the humility test. He wants it to be fair.

    On the proposed date of the contest the contestants show up and play the game. A grueling competition. A winner is declared. “Here he is”, says the bartender, annoucning the winner’s name – “The Word’s Most Humble Man”, as he raises the guy’s hand.

    “It’s a fix”, screams one of the competitors. “Aint no way that guy is more modest than I am.”

    “Or me”, cries another.

    Then the entire assemblage rushes the bar and group-stomps the winner into the ground and takes his money. An ambulance is called. Now finally he has something to brag about. He took a beating from 30 guys all at once for a full 5 minutes and lived to tell of it. What a man. But even then, because he is possessed of genuine humility, he brags in his own uniquely modest way.


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