On my health, doctors and jokes

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I have had my health issues. At sixty-nine I have the eberjy and the prostrate of a nineteen year old, if you know what I mean. Women life longer than men, partly, because they see the doctor more often.

I have wonderful doctors. I see one of them two months, one every three months and one every six months. I have been with them for a long time and we have become friends. As far as money is concerned, they hardly ever charge me and when they do, it’s not nearly enough. This is because I make then laugh. Being of good humor has great benefits.

I am not saying that I tell them jokes. I do not. One must be careful about telling jokes. Telling a joke interrupts conversation. It’s like when you’re at a party and someone tells you a joke. Now you have to wait until the joke is over and, most of the time, fain laughter.  It’s like when you’re at a party having a interesting conversation with someone and, all of a sudden, a magician walks up and says, “Pick a card.”

I want to grab them by the neck and choke the life from them. When I’m on stage I have a license to ell jokes. When I am not, I do not!

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  1. I fired a doctor once because he had zero sense of humor. Seriously. I’m not a comedian and I don’t tell jokes, but I am affable and make a few funny remarks from time to time. This guy not only didn’t crack a smile, he completely ignored my comments.

    I fired him because I want a doctor that listens, reacts, and at least pretends to interact for my 15 minutes of his time. If I wanted a robot, I’d buy a roomba.

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