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One last thing for the day.

I call it, “My Damn Blog.” Only because it’s something I promised myself that I would do, every day! I took on the work and I am doing the work. When this day’s blog is done I feel good about keeping my word. However, like working out, I am happy when it’s done. I am lazy!

At the same time, I can’t stand sitting around doing nothing. It’s the same with vacations. I don’t like them. I have traveled the world many times over and, “There’s no place like home!” When I was in Paris I liked the Eiffel Tower right where it was, way over there. When I’m in New York I like the Empire State Building and the Statue of Liberty right where they are, way over┬áthere. I have no need to see them up close or have my picture taken standing in front of them.

It’s the same with people. If I meet someone of note I never ask them if I can have a picture taken with them. I have no need for a “Proof of life” thing. It will be a memory that I can and do cherish but I don’t need a picture of it. If someone asks to have a picture taken with me I oblige. But, it seems like I’m being taken advantage of.

I’ve never had a “Rogues Gallery’ on one of the walls of my home. When I see one I think to myself, “This person wants me to know that they are important because they are pictured with important or well-known people.” I am not impressed! Rather, I think it and they are pitiful. They have had the experience of meeting someone and they felt the need to take that extra nick out of that individual.

I do not believe that people who are famous owe me anything. I have heard so many people say, ‘Well they wanted to be famous so they have to pay that little extra by giving me their autograph or taking a picture with me!” When I met Al Pacino, I felt honored that we had a four or five minute exchange. I didn’t even tell him that I was a big fan, although, I am. I told him a story and he enjoyed the story and that was more than enough for me.

It’s the same when someone approaches me. I pray they don’t go into the “I’m a big fan of yours” mantra. It embarrasses me and I want to get away from them. However I would be delighted to have a conversation with them without all the bowing and scraping. But, that’s me!

I am Kip Addotta, aka Uncle Kippy

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  1. I have no desire to “see the world” as I know my time here is limited. Norm Macdonald started up his “podcast” again with a taped show with guest Ray Romano. I understand why-Romano had a very, very successful CBS sitcom, but he is boring and has nothing to say. I hope you, Uncle Kippy, are invited to be a guest on Norm’s “podcast”.

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