In my general opinion, what the general public believes to be true is generally incorrect!

The General Public

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  1. What the media tells the public is intentionally false. The general public is either too stupid to realize it or cannot handle the truth and become reality deniers.

    • Tommy Joseph 07/06/2014 at 03:46

      I use the media almost strictly for entertainment. In the newspapers it can come on any page, any section, even the front one. But if it the article is of a military or political nature, I tend to dismiss it.

      I do not get my education from the media. I get it from experience. I believe that my opinion, based on my own experience, is equal or even superior to that of the so-called facts spewed by the media and its followers.

      Sometimes people will call me narrow minded for thinking this way. I will not argue. I am narrow minded to some degree. Everyone is.

      I go through 2 newspapers every day. Most people assume that a person who does that must be a news hound. Not so. I am looking for entertainment within the news. Maybe some fact – such as what you might find on the sports page. But overall I read only what I want to read. Sometimes I’ll find something enlightening, a human interest story, or even an historical article (as long as it’s not the political or military kind). I do not read the newspaper for the news. I read it for relaxation and entertainment. I like to lie down in bed and red with great relaxation the articles I have plucked from the newspaper, my own personal magazine. If newspapers ever go completely to the web, I will not follow. I will not chase them to the web. I will find another diversion to replace them.

      Yes, the media is garbage. But the late nite comics whose nightly monologues consist almost entirely of garbage from the front page – that is not just garbage, but rotting garbage. I hate it.


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