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  You will then be instantly catapulted over to the website of Mr. and Mrs. Hyram Kunaki. They are the kindly elderly   
  couple who make all of Kip's CDs. Each is made by hand on Mr. Kunaki's bench grinder. Then, after a rigorous 1   

  point inspection, Mrs. Kunaki goes over each CD with a fine coat of Linseed oil to ensure it will be free of squeeks.

In the continental United States, most orders are delivered in about a week, if not sooner.


                                                                       NEW! Kip Addotta "Live From Maximum Security" (DVD)

                                      HOT! FIRST TIME EVER AVAILABLE

After being advised there would be no negotiation if he were taken hostage, Kip Addotta and his crew entered the grounds of a maximum security prison. Addotta was given unprecedented access to the facility. For over 25 years, this rare footage remained locked in a vault. Now, it is presented here, in its entirety. Bonus: includes rare, surviving archive footage of Kip's classic MTV video, "Life In The Slaw Lane." This DVD is a must-have.

$24.99 > Click here to order


                           Kip Addotta's "I Saw Daddy Kissing Santa Claus" (CD)


This CD is cuter than a speckled puppy sleeping under a red wagon, and it includes my Christmas classic, "I Saw Daddy Kissing Santa Claus," and many more funny tunes. I hope you enjoy, "I Saw Daddy Kissing Santa Claus."

Cut 1:    I Saw Daddy Kissing Santa Claus
Cut 2:    Captain of the Sofa Team
Cut 3:    Hung Over al Over Again
Cut 4:    It's the Liquor
Cut 5:    My Baby's in Jail
Cut 6:    I'm So Miserable Without you, it's Like Having You Around
Cut 7:    U-Haul Airlines

$19.99 > Click here to order


                                                  Kip Addotta's "The Trouble Hole" (CD)
                                                                     A Farce to be reckoned with.


"Kip Addotta confides his inner most feelings about a life spent on wine, women, and novelty songs. And all the while, keeping us in stitches with ideas we thought were ours alone. Kip Addotta is a man who's life has been spent traveling the world and hanging with the rich and famous. His latest CD, "The Trouble Hole," gives us a panoramic view through the eyes of a true curmudgeon. This is the funniest, most outrageous, CD I have ever heard." Also includes complimentary bar code.

Cut 1: The Addotta Family
Cut 2: Viagra
Cut 3: Listen to what the Lady Says
Cut 4: The Trouble Hole
Cut 5: Sometimes I'm Thinking
Cut 6: I'm Here To Help
Cut 7: I'm a Tax Payer
Cut 8: Hair Piece?
Cut 9: Plaintiff
Cut 10: Petting Zoo
Cut 11: The Last Time I Had Sex
Cut 12: Sex With A Man
Cut 13: Commit to the Joke

$19.99 > Click here to order


                                Kip Addotta's "The Comedian of the United States" (CD)
                                                  Songs and Stand-up, Including the hit, Wet Dream!


Yes, this is, and has been the No. 1 novelty CD in the world. Why? Because this is the CD that contains Kip's hit "Wet Dream," – "The Fish Song" that people can't seem to get enough of. The cuts on this CD are some of the funniest ever recorded.

Cut 1: Forced To Have Sex with an Alien
Cut 2: A Little Something On the Side
Cut 3: Big Cock Roach
Cut 4: White Boy Rapp
Cut 5: Wet Dream (The Fish Song)
Cut 6: The State of the Humor Address
Cut 7: Chantilly Lace

$19.99 > Click here to order


                                               Kip Addotta's "Life in the Slaw Lane" (CD)
                                                                              The swingingest.


The music production on this CD is fantastic, thanks to the collaboration of Kip Addotta and Kim Bullard. These songs will simply make you laugh and feel good. Now in English.

Cut 1: Life in the Slaw Lane
Cut 2: My Baby Has to Have a Tattoo
Cut 3: Test Tube Baby
Cut 4: Yuppie Rapp
Cut 5: If I were You I wouldn't Be
Cut 6: The Frolic Room
Cut 7: Threesome (Careful what you wish for)

$19.99 > Click here to order


                                 Kip Addotta's "I Hope I'm Not Out of Line" (CD)
                                                             The First Live Recording


Kip did this recording in Newport Beach, California. "Make Me Laugh" had been airing for two years, and everyone in the country was turned on to the kid from Rockford, Illinois. You can hear the sizzle. Listen and laugh. Includes improved, crisper bar code.

$19.99 > Click here to order


      Kip Addotta's "Portable Kip" (CD)
          Now YOU can be the life of any party!


Master comedian Kip Addotta has compiled these selected jokes for YOU to tell. These jokes are very funny, and they are jokes that your friends have not heard. Your friends will think that you, too, are a comic wizard when you tell these jokes just the way Kip Addotta does on this great CD! Have fun, and if you don't tell, we won't tell. New: rounder CD.

$19.99 > Click here to order


                                                                                       Kip Addotta's "EARS TO YOU" (CD)
Kip Addotta's Favorite School Band Music


Exactly what you think it is…and now 35-47% louder in some spots

When he was six years old, Kip Addotta's grandmother bought him a tuba from a door-to-door tweezer salesman.  Kip loved the tuba, even though it weighed more than he did, as did its manual.  He took to his tuba like water to a reservoir. Few people ever realized he played the tuba, due to the fact that nobody could see him standing behind it. When money got tight, Kip's grandmother was forced to pawn his tuba. She later replaced it with a xylophone once owned by Mae West. Thus began Kip's lifelong fascination with loud, difficult-to-ignore instruments. Today, Kip still plays the xylophone, and occasionally, the canasta. He also serves on the board of directors of the charity, "Large Instruments for Small Children." This CD is loud enough to share with your friends…and your neighbors, too!

$19.99 > Click here to order


► TO ORDER: It's easy. Click here to visit Kunaki, and you'll soon have your Kip!

4 responses to Kip’s DVD and CDs

  1. you use to have a box set of all your cds. do you still have that available? how much? where?
    thanx for your time .

  2. Sean Perry 06/18/2016 at 01:03

    Why is it so frigging hard to find you and your music on the Internet. Wzzo in Allentown PA has played a song they call the “Friday National Athem” aka “own my own damn couch” every friday at the same time for 21 years. Why can’t i find and buy this? I am a combat veteran and this song would, do us alot of good and we would love to have a copy. Please get a 1/2 dozen 12 year olds to make you relavent on the web

    • Sean, I believe the actual title of that song is “Captain of the Sofa Team”, if I recall correctly from the listing of my “Life in the Slaw Lane” LP. It looks like it’s available on the “I Saw Daddy Kissing Santa Claus” CD. But maybe Mr. Addotta can confirm my fuzzy memory?

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