When I die, I want to die peacefully, in my sleep, like my Grandfather. Not kicking and screaming like the passengers in his car!

When I Die


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I like women!

I like all women! i like the tall ones, the short ones, the thin ones, the round ones and all the women in between.

I like all of women’s parts. I like their heads, necks, eyes, ears, noses, shoulders, arms, breasts, stomachs, hands, fingers, (even the tips) their butts, thighs, knees, shins, calves, ankles, feet, toes and hair or lack of hair. Yes, I like women’s elbows too!

As a matter of fact, even my mother was a woman and I liked her.

I like the way women think, smile, smell, eat, think, dress, listen, cook, feel and sleep. I like women of all colors, nationalities, religion, political beliefs, station in life and neighborhood. i have never met a woman that I didn’t like! If you have never had a woman, i recommend them highly!

If someone were to put a gun to my head and tell me that if I didn’t tell them something I didn’t like about women they would blow my head off, I would think for the longest of times and after much consideration, I would lean forward and without a sound, I would mouth the words, “Their voices!” But, I wouldn’t mean it…

I am Kip Addotta

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I like to drink martinis. Two at the most. Three I’m under the table, four I’m under the host.
Dorothy Parker

I do not believe that the information below will change anything, however, I think you may find it interesting. There are 578, 000 liquor licenses in the United States! That’s an average of 11,560 per state. Although my family were not drinkers, because of my work, I have been around drinkers all of my life and it has not been pretty. Some people can drink responsibly, but most do not. Each drink one has makes the next drink more likely because liquor diminishes one’s judgement dramatically!

If you follow the news you know that a large majority of violent and property crimes involve alcohol or other drugs.

This crime information is gathered from government statistics adjusted for underreporting. Alcohol involved crime costs are calculated from inmate surveys on alcohol and illicit drug use at the time of the crime.

These costs include medical, mental health, property loss, future earnings, public services, court costs and sanctioning, as well as the value of pain and suffering.

An estimated 5.4 million violent crimes and 8 million property crimes a year involve alcohol. All you have to do is watch “Cops” and you know this.

These alcohol involved crimes cost society over 6.5 billion dollars in medical and mental health care and almost 65 billion dollars in other tangible expenses.

If the value of pain, suffering, and lost quality of life is added, alcohol involved crime costs totaled 205 billion dollars a year.

Violent crimes account for more than 85% of these costs. Roughly estimated, crimes attributable to alcohol cost 84 billion dollars, more than 2 times the 38 billion dollars attributable to drugs. Then if you add the cost of unwanted children created by alcohol abuse you come to a figure that could pay for food and housing for every impoverished family, in our country!

Although American media-news and entertainment dwells on the links between drugs and crime, alcohol involved crime costs are double drug-attributable costs. As a matter of fact, alcohol use is encouraged on the media. Every drama is laced with drinking scenes and people do imitate art and art imitates life!

Effective efforts to reduce the abuse of alcohol and illicit drugs should reduce costs associated with crime. But, that is not going to happen! Government should not be involved in passing laws prohibiting the use of alcohol, that was attempted long ago and did not work. The only way to address these problems is for people to monitor themselves and to become responsible for themselves. That is the ideal and probably unattainable because people are going to continue to drink no matter what the cost, because so many people are afraid to deal with life without it! It’s sad!

I am Kip Addotta and I am sorry

The Brass Ring

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In show business the most difficult thing is getting to the audience!

One may have a great idea for a song, music style, TV show or movie and have it all fleshed out and ready for prime time only to run into that old “Brick wall.” The “Brick wall” is comprised of people who’s task it is to keep your project from ever seeing the light of day. Especially if it might compete with a project, of lesser strength, that they are promoting. An example of this is the hit show ‘Mad Men” which took ten years to finally run the gauntlet of neigh sayers, at studios, to become one of the most popular shows ever.

Of course these things go on in all businesses!

One can submit a project to an agent, a production company or artist and these people do not concern themselves with the quality or creativity of your idea, but only if it fits into the mold of things that have already done or has been done! Hence all the sameness in the media we are exposed to. If it’s new the answer is no! This is obvious when watching, so-called, talent searches where every contestant sounds exactly like the one before.

Even worse is the trick of telling you that they love your project only to then put it on “The Shelf” where it will never be seen by anyone. “Shelving” a project, is an old, tried and true, method of stonewalling the competition.

The public seldom gets to see the best of ideas, but only the ones that are the property of the power brokers who have little concern with quality, but are only concerned with the money that they can make on an entity even if, in reality, it is a piece of junk. Don’t get me wrong, there are many ideas offered to agents and producers that are simply bad ideas and do not merit consideration and these are sent packing post-haste!

So, if you think you have an idea with merit put on your old clothes because you are embarking on a journey through traitorous and muddy waters. If you are able to wade through a hale of rejection and doggedly continue on your quest, maybe, just maybe, you might grab the brass ring!

I am Kip Addotta

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Let’s Dress Up!

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I have decided to kick it up a notch, in the way I dress.

I’ve recently been looking at photos from the by gone era of the thirties and forties and the first thing I noticed is how good people looked. They were so stylish and pretty!

I’m going to take it back to 1943 when men wore suits, hats and ties. Although I was not born yet in 1943 I have always enjoyed and admired they way people dressed in that era! I have all I need hanging in my closet and sitting in my jewelry box.

So the next time you see me watch out because I will be pressed to the max and strutting my stuff! I’m also going to begin to go dancing again. The lady and I will be seen twirling and kicking to every big band we can fing around lA. What the hell, why not have some fun?

I used to love to sit and watch my dad get dressed up on Saturday nights and I want to recreate that era in my life. I recommend that you do the same Guys and Dolls. looking good, smelling good and feeling good, That’s the ticket! s

I am kip Addotta and I’ll see you on the dance floor!

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True Naughty Love

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Eat your heart out ladies, I have found true love!

After sixteen years “It” and i have gone erom interest, suspicion, fighting, forgiving, rebuilding and now love.

She is in a place of trust in me and I in her. We have gotten to the stage that we can be ourselves around each other and boy do we have fun doing it. We are two equally wonderful people having fun during the best years of our lives.

We are both pranksters and serious people who can have conversation and debate and I marvel at her wisdom and she takes pleasure in the fact that I am a bit of a loose canon.

Oh, yes, sex too. We have great sex, thank you very much and are totally comfortable in each others arms. When we are out people compliment us on being such a cute couple and we smile and pinch each other, under the table. “Iy” is a never ending fascination to me extremely feminin on one side and a bit of a tom boy on the other! I like that.

I am a happy man!

Kip Addotta


Fuel prices are low and we love it, but why are they low?

They are low because The Mideast is afraid of Keystone Pipeline and are willing to lower their prices so that we again become complacent and begin to think that we don’t need said Pipeline!

Don’t be fooled. As soon as we give up on The Keystone Pipeline, the mideast will bring prices up even higher than before. These people are not our friends!

Of course there will be groups who are against The Keystone Pipeline claiming environmental issues that have, long since, been solved. The Alaskan pipeline has been in place for a long time and, yes, there have been minor problems that have been dealt with in a timely manor. I am all for protecting our environment, animal species and the needs and concerns of tribal entities. But, I am even more concerned about our nation and our desperate need for affordable fuel.

(We have been stopped from using nuclear power which has been working in France for decades without incident)

Electric vehicles are not the answer because electric energy has to be generated somewhere and that somewhere is diesel generators that are, at this very moment, generating the power that we get when we plug an electric vehicle into an outlet to charge the battery. We can wish and hope until the cows come home, but the reality is that we do and will run on fossil fuel and we have plenty of it right here on our own continent! “Drill Baby Drill!”

Our only true hope is Hydrogen Energy and, in time, we will have it and our problems with fuel will be over once and for all! So don’t listen to the nay sayers. We are on the right track and we will overcome our geopolitical and energy problems well within out lifetime if we are not stalled by people like our present President who seems to be stuck on stupid and rather than do things for our Country he is concentrating on doing things for his party and our Country be damned!

So let’s stop all the wishful thinking and “pie in the sky” solutions and fix this damn thing!

I am Kip Addotta

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Long live America!


The things, in  my life, that I have the most remorse about are the times when i didn’t follow my gut!

I believer that we are all blessed with the power  of doubt. The problem is that we discount what our gut is telling us. When someone is overly friendly it might feel good, but chances are that they are after something we have and intend to take it from us. And yet, even though, I know this I find it difficult to resist someone who seems to like me.

We all do! I think that most people know that when someone smiles at us they are likely to be con artists or predators and yet we enjoy bring smiled at. Serial killers always smile at their victims a split second before they strike in the same way a snake does and serial killers seem to have no problem finding willing victims!

If an animal shows us it’s teeth we back away yet when a human does it we are drawn to them, when smiling means the same thing in both species. Hookers always give a man a smile before they take him down for money and, if they can, steel his watch while there at it! Lotharios do the same to women and even though women are bright ceatures they tend to fall for it more often than not!

That sick feeling one gets immediately before they sign a contract is our sensory perception trying to tell us something. And because we don’t want to seem rude to the other party we sign it anyway.

It can not be stressed enough that we should all be wary, in life. It is not the dislikable people we should be afraid of, it is the likable! Ted Bundy was an extremely likable person and he murdered thirty women!

We must also be clever enough to appreciate genuine kindness which can be recognized by the courteous, straight forward and serious manner, in which it is offered. If you’re hanging off of the edge of a cliff and someone is about to pull you up to safety I guarantee that they will not be smiling when they do it. I can also guarantee you that during that split second before someone puts a bullet behind your ear they will be smiling!

Remember that only evil come easily!

I am Kip Addotta

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Will Rogers , “Be thankful we’re not getting all the government we’re paying for.

Marine Corps Rules:

1. Be courteous to everyone, friendly to no one.

2. Decide to be aggressive enough, quickly enough.

3. Have a plan.

4. Have a back-up plan, because the first one probably won’t work.

5. Be polite. Be professional. But have a plan to kill everyone you meet.

6. Do not attend a gunfight with a handgun whose caliber does not start with a ‘4.’

7. Anything worth shooting is worth shooting twice. Ammo is cheap. Life is expensive.

8. Move away from your attacker. Distance is your friend. (Lateral and diagonal preferred.)

9. Use cover or concealment as much as possible.

10. Flank your adversary. When possible, protect yours.

11. Always cheat; always win. The only unfair fight is the one you lose.

12. In ten years, nobody will remember the details of caliber, stance, or tactics. They will only remember who lived.

13. If you are not shooting, you should be communicating your intention to shoot..

Navy SEAL Rules:

1. Look very cool in sunglasses.

2. Kill every living thing in sight.

3. Adjust Speedo.

4. Check hair in mirror.

US Army Rangers’ Rules:

1. Walk in 50 miles wearing 75 pound rucksack while starving.

2. Locate individuals requiring killing.

3. Request permission via radio from ‘Higher’ to perform killing.

4. Curse bitterly when mission is aborted.

5. Walk out 50 miles wearing a 75 pound rucksack while starving.

US Army Rules:

1. Curse bitterly when receiving operational order.

2. Make sure there is extra ammo and extra coffee.

3. Curse bitterly.

4. Curse bitterly.

5. Do not listen to 2nd LTs; it can get you killed.

6. Curse bitterly.

US Air Force Rules:

1. Have a cocktail.

2. Adjust temperature on air-conditioner.

3. See what’s on HBO.

4. Ask ‘What is a gunfight?’

5. Request more funding from Congress with a ‘killer’ Power Point presentation.

6. Wine and dine ”key’ Congressmen, invite DOD and defense industry executives.

7. Receive funding, set up new command and assemble assets.

8. Declare the assets ‘strategic’ and never deploy them operationally.

9. Hurry to make 13:45 tee-time.

10. Make sure the base is as far as possible from the conflict, but close enough to have tax exemption.

11 Always have ICE CREAM

( And I Love This Next One)

US Navy Rules:

1. Go to Sea.

2. Drink Coffee.

3. Deploy Marines

Go Navy!

And the next… (You’ve got to love the military, and God bless them all.)

U.S. Navy Directive 16134 (Inappropriate T-Shirts)

The following directive was issued by the commanding officer of all naval installations in the Middle East .
(It was obviously directed at the Marines.)

To: All Commands

Subject: Inappropriate T-Shirts

Ref: ComMidEast For Inst 16134//24 K

All commanders promulgate upon receipt:

The following T-shirts are no longer to be worn, on or off base, by any military, or civilian personnel, serving in the Middle East:

1. ‘Eat Pork or Die’
[Both English and Arabic versions]

2. ‘Shrine Busters’
[Various. Show burning minarets or bomb/artillery shells impacting Islamic shrines. Some with unit logos.]

3. ‘Goat – it isn’t just for breakfast anymore.’
[Both English and Arabic versions]

4. ‘The road to Paradise begins with me.’
[Mostly Arabic versions, but some in English. Some show sniper scope cross-hairs.]

5. ‘Guns don’t kill people. I kill people.’

6. ‘Pork. The other white meat.’

7. ‘Infidel’

The above T-shirts are to be removed from Post Exchanges upon receipt of this directive.

In addition, the following signs are to be removed upon receipt of this message:

1. ‘Islamic Religious Services Will Be Held at the Firing Range at 0800 Daily.

2. ‘Do we really need ‘smart bombs’ to drop on these dumb bastards?’

All commands are instructed to implement sensitivity training upon receipt.


I suffer from occasional depression. It usually occurs if I am distracted from the things that I am working on and that are important to me. They say it can also be caused from a chemical-imbalance, although I do not believe that is a factor in my case..

Depression is something I have to ride out and get through. Exercise helps burn off some of the anguish, but getting rid of whatever is distracting me helps the most.

Christmas and New Years are always depressing because everyone is caught up in the wave of obligation that comes with both and I think that we all suffer from some depression during these times. Personally, I wish they would disappear! And when, finally every remnant of these distractions are gone I always feel better.

Let’s face it, these holidays have more to do with bumping up that fourth quarter for “The Man” that they do with the really important things, in life, like family and friends. I’m good to my family and friends all year and do not need sociatal forces telling me that these times are when i must be generous to the people I love! Every year, I feel violated by these so called “Holidays.”

I am sick and tired of the media and the powers that be jerking my tears for thirty five days at the end of every year!

Bah Humbug!

I am Kip Addotta