Photo Diary


My cousin Joyce Addotta’s Grandchildren
Luke is the older, and Jake is the younger

Venice Beach

Venice Beach – Victor and Sibylle
Victor and Sibylle Addotta, my son and his wife, observe a seven foot shark caught at Venice Beach.

Victor and Sibylle Addotta

Victor and Sibylle
Victor and Sibylle Addotta at Lakeside, California, 2007


Easter Sunday, 2007

Bennett family reunion

Bennett Family Reunion
My first wife, Mary Bennett, gave me two beautiful children and a large group to call family. Pictured here are all of us together again! June of 2006


Kip Addotta

Kip Addotta
Here I am playing Governor Critenden of Missouri, circa 1879. This shot was taken during the filming of “Jesse James.”
He’s the guy who put the hit out on Jesse.

Allen Nechy

Allen Nechy
My friend, Allen Nechy, plays tennis every Friday morning. He is the best salesman I have ever met, and I’ve met a few!
Allen also loves to shoot pool and go to the movies. He is an expert at both! He also likes to go to the track and bust my balls

Joyce Addotta Wolf

Joyce Addotta Wolf
My cousin Joyce and I have become very close.
We speak on the phone several times a week and compare thoughts and memories of our youth.

Victor and Sibylle Addotta

Victor & Sibylle
My son and daughter-in-law
Victor and Sibylle Addotta pose for a picture on New Years’ Eve, 2004

Kathy and Kayla

Kathy & Kayla
Kathy Addotta, 12/04/04
My beautiful daughter Kathy, and her little girl, Kayla. 

Morrow Bay

Mid morning at Morrow Bay
Kip Addotta, 11/27/04

Addotta Gang

The Addotta Gang
Don’t even think about it!

Victor Addotta

Addotta Fine Woodwork
My son Victor demonstrating some of the fine wood he gets at his cabinet shop, in Culver City. 2004.
For more info, click on the picture!

Sofia Addotta

Sofia Addotta
My granddaughter, Sofia Addotta, graduates from kindergarten, 2004.

Lauren Addotta

Lauren Addotta
She’s eight years old, and I’m not sure she knows who I am.


My daughter Kathryn is now Mrs. Kathryn.
She and her husband Michael were married on January 17th, 2004.

Victor Addotta

Victor Addotta
My son Victor Addotta at a party, 2004

Sheryl, Sofia, and Lauren

Sheryl Addotta and CO.
My daughter-in-law, Sheryl, and my grandchildren, Lauren and Sophia

Sofia Addotta

My grand daughter Sofia
My granddaughter, Sofia, is four and what a treat she is.


Lauren Addotta
My granddaughter Lauren dances around in her new costume.

Frank Addotta

Frank Addotta
My son, and the father of my granddaughters, 2003.
Frank works as a prop and set builder in the film industry.

Jack Sheldon

Jack Sheldon
It’s my birthday weekend, and last night we went to see Jack Sheldon and his big band at The Catalina Bar & Grill, in Hollywood!

Kip's Children

The Kids
Kathy, Sybille, Mikeal, Sharyl, Frank, and Victor Addotta.

Victor, Sibylle, and Lynn Addotta

A trip to Germany
In 2000, my oldest son, Victor, his wife, Sybille, and Lynn Addotta went to Germany to visit Sibylle’s family.
From left to right: Victor Addotta, Sibylle Addotta, and Lynn Addotta. They are pictured here in Berlin.

Kip Addotta on the Bill Maher Show

Kip on the Bill Maher Show
Politically Incorrect, 1998. This is a show that really didn’t work for me. The show claims to be politically incorrect?!

Lauren Addotta

Brand New Lauren Addotta
My son frank and daughter in-law Sheryl gave us the most beautiful little girl!
Now she is six, and as mean as a snake, but we’re delighted to have her around!

Kip Addotta Show Ticket

Show Ticket
An evening in Brentwood California.

Kip Addotta

Kip Addotta in Vegas
Kip seated on the steps of the Riviera hotel in Las Vegas!

Frank Addotta marriage

Frank Addotta gets married
Frank Addotta and Sheryl Iwatate were married in Lake Tahoe in 1995! I cried!

Kip Addotta

My 1964 Lincoln
I bought this 1964 Lincoln for fifteen hundred and fixed it up.
Later I gave it to my son, Victor.

Kip Addotta

Kip getting ready for a show
I remember watching my Father get dressed for an evening of dancing. This picture reminds me of him, and Salvador Dali.
I think I had thrown Linda out, again, and was going to Tana’s to get drunk!


Kip Addotta and "Ma Bitches"

Kip Addotta and The Bitches
In 1985, I shot the cover for my new CD, “The Comedian Of The United States.”
My back up singers were Marina Torpin and Lauren Adems, “Ma Bitches.”

Kip Addotta on Make Me Laugh

Kip Addotta on Make Me Laugh
I was a regular on the syndicated game show, “Make Me Laugh”.
These were the most challenging shows. We used every idea. The producer, George Foster, gave us a lot of space.

Kip Addotta with Lou Rawls

Kip Addotta with Lou Rawls
This picture was taken at the Diplomat Hotel, in Miami! I was at the top of my form and working with Lou always ment a hot show.
It was during this gig that I met Sammy Davis Jr., and won The Entertainment Writers’ “Comedian of the Year” Award!

Kip Addotta

Kip Addotta
Ah, my Farrari Dino convertible! I loved this car and it is in perfect condition! These are the days!

Kip Addotta

Kip Addotta
Kip Addotta publicity shot!

Victoria Sondheim

Victoria Sondheim


Hi Kip…
Just returning from lots of travel, and Shele and I live in Studio City. Still at the same job, now in Santa Monica.

You actually met my husband. We were staying at the Roosevelt Hotel at Christmas, and you came in for brunch, and you and Shele got together one time after that. No kids. Just us big ones.

Being one of the “B*tch*s” will always be one of the great memories of my life. We had fun.



Wonderful to hear from you! Yes, those were wonderful times, and I think of you all the time. I remember how, one day, you taught me to sing. “Think of the note, hear the note in your mind, and then sing the note.” Great advice!


Kip Addotta

Kip Addotta as cowboy
As a lark, I had this picture taken!

Kip Addotta and family

Kip Addotta and family
In 1984, I was signed with The William Morris agency and had this picture taken to send to all the agents there.
I wanted them to know that I was a family man and needed to be kept working. From left to right: Kathy, Frank, Lynn, myself, and Victor who had just broken his leg in a skiing accident at Lake Tahoe. I asked my family to look as sad as possible for this shot.

Kip Addotta

Kip Addotta
Taken in 1984, this is my favorite picture. To me, it embodies the essence of what I am…great looking in a suit!
In 1984, I was still traveling with Mega Stars, opening their shows on long tours across America and around the world. It was about this time I decided to go out on my own and headline my own shows. It was the right time and one of the smartest things I have ever done!

Bonnie and Kip

Kip and Bonnie
Kip and a friend, Bonnie, at the opening of a club! 1986!

Kip Addotta

Kip Addotta
In 1984, I was on the cover of Performance Magazine! At the time, I was traveling with my backup singers, “Ma Bitches.”
Between the traveling and the fighting, we did some great shows!

Kip Addotta and Lou Rawls

Kip Addotta and Lou Rawls
Lou Rawls and I were appearing at the Diplomat Hotel, in Miami. This is where I first met Sammy Davis Jr..
It was also during this engagement that I won “The Comedian of the Year Award” from the “Entertainment Writers of America.”


Shirley MacLaine
Shirley inscribed this photo: “For Kip, Are you as hard as this cane? Yes! Anyway Love, Shirley”

Kip Addotta

Kip Addotta
I made this fedora famous! I loved wearing it. By the time I was done, hat makers had made a fortune.
I do not know of anyone who does not look great in a fedora. (1978)

Victor Addotta

Victor Addotta
In 1976, Victor got very drunk, at school.

Kip Addotta

Kip Addotta
Laughing at my own joke! Not a good habit to get into, but sometimes I do make myself laugh. Boy, am I cute!

Victor Addotta

Victor Addotta
In 1974, I was starting to do TV. Victor is Mr. Cool, here, in a school photo!

Kip Addotta

Kip Addotta
Taken at The Comedy Store shortly after I started doing The Tonight Show.

Kip Addotta

Kip Addotta
Here I am working out material at the Comedy Store. (1975)

Kip Addotta

Kip Addotta
Another PR photo.

Kip Addotta

Kip Addotta
I hate funny pictures, and yet, here I am trying to look funny…or Woody Allen or Stan Laurel. (1975)

Victor Addotta

Little Vic
Victor begins to notice girls, and the constant smile leaves and the self awareness comes.

Uncle Victor

That cigar
Every year, uncle Victor would visit from NY. He would take me hunting or to visit other relatives.
“If you live fast you’ll never last. If you live slow you’ve got to go.” Yes, he had mob connections!

Kip Addotta

First pictures in L.A.
This is one of the first publicity photos I posed for in Los Angeles! It was 1974.
I had just gotten my first well-paying gig, and had bought this outfit in Lake Tahoe, only hours before my opening show at The Sahara Tahoe.

Victor Addotta

Victor Addotta
All dressed up and ready to shine: my son, Victor, looks pretty happy.

Victor Addotta

Victor Addotta
All I want for Christmas are my two front teeth…and a toy train.

Kip Addotta

Mr. Kip
Did I mention that my first career was that of a hairdresser?
One of my patrons was an artist. One day, while under the dryer, she did this caricature of me as I worked on another customer.
Yes, I was that thin!

Frank Addotta

Frank Addotta
My third child was named after Frank Sinatra. My new wife, Lynn, not only gave me a child but also raised my two children, Victor and Kathy.
Frank is loved equally to my first children, but sometimes would disagree.

Kip and Victor Addotta

Kip and Victor
My son, Victor, is three years old today. Or do I mean that day? Yes, a long time ago. I am twenty one in this picture. YIKES!!

Lynn and Kip Addotta

Lynn and Kip
This is my second wife, Lynn. She was a God-send. She took on my children and I, and raised us all. She also gave me another son, Frank.

Victor Addotta

Victor Addotta
My son, Victor, at six. Victor was always good with his hands. Here he makes himself busy with his coloring book.

Addotta family

Out in the back yard
Another family get-together in my father’s back yard. My uncle Victor is behind the camera.

Addotta Family

The Addotta’s from N.Y.

These people extended so many sweet kindnesses to me, when I was a child, that I wanted you see a picture of my aunt Eileen, uncle Victor and their clan.

Mary Addotta

Mary Addotta
Another summer at Leving’s Lake. My son, Victor, and my pregnant wife, Mary.

Victor Addotta

Victor in diapers
My new born son, Victor! I was working in a box factory, making about a hundred dollars a week. Before taxes!
And yet, somehow, there was never enough money.

Uncle Victor and Aunt Eilean Addotta

Art Beauty, 1958
This is an old publicity photo my Uncle Victor had made for his beauty salon (Art Beauty) on Flatbush Avenue in Brooklyn, N.Y.
It shows my aunt Eilean holding my Uncle Victor in her hands. Pure fiction! But, didn’t he do a lovely job with her hair?

Grandma and Uncle Victor

Grandma and Uncle Vic
My grandmother and my Uncle Victor pose on the easy chair, in my home.

Uncle Victor and Dad

Vic and Dad
My father was very strict, and I was afraid of him. Very afraid! He would fly into a rage and I would wet my pants! My grandmother would protect me from him. To avoid this, he would wait until Sunday, and drive me into the factory section of town where no one could see, and apply his discipline.

Kip and Mary Addotta

Kip and Mary, prom night
Kip Addotta and Mary Bennett on their prom night.

Mary and Kip Addotta

Mary, Kip and …?
Mary, Kip and someone called, “Yellow Bird.”

Mary Bennett Addotta

Mary Bennett
Mary Bennett at sixteen. The fellow who took this picture lived next door to her and was much older than she was.
I didn’t like this picture at all. It made me think there was something going on between them.

Kip and Mary Addotta

Kip & Mary
Kip and Mary at a family picnic in Rockford, Illinois.

Joyce and baby

My cousin Joyce
My cousin Joyce and her new baby at Coney Island, NY in 1959.

Uncle Victor

Hop along Addotta’s
I always admired my uncle Victor’s taste in clothes! He was a real role model in life.
Not a perfect man, but a man with class and flash. Here, on a visit to Rockford.

Uncle Victor

You don’t live like my Uncle Victor did by being a hairdresser. The real money was in a card game he ran in his Brooklyn flat.
The “who’s who” of N.Y. played in my Uncle’s games. The game went on for three days a week.
Victor would supply a dealer, a buffet, and cots to sleep on. He would take five percent of each pot, and would also play.

Kip Addotta

Kip Grade School Graduation
Pretty cool, huh?! This is me on the day I graduated from St. Mary’s grade school, in Rockford, Illinois. (1954)

Ron Dawn and Kip

Ron, Dawn, and Kip
My cousins, Ronny and Dawn, and myself, at Lake Geneva, Wisconsin.

Kip Addotta and family

All lined up on the couch at my house here in 1952. These were great times!

Uncle Victor

Uncle Victor
Uncle Victor, standing in front of his beauty salon, Art Beauty, on Flatbush Ave, in Brooklyn NY!

Addotta family

Picnic in the back yard, 1953
One of my favorite things to do…having the family over to our house for a picnic. I felt safe from my dad when there were family members around!

Grandma Francis, Uncle Victor, Aunt Eileen

Piggly Wiggly
Another picture of my sainted grandmother, Francis, with my Uncle Victor aunt Eileen (1948).
As was the custom in Italy, when my grandfather died, my grandmother started wearing black clothing, and did so for the rest of her life.

Aunt Grace and Uncle Mike

Coney Island
The two adults at the center are my aunt Grace, and Uncle Mike!

Grandma and Cousin Jerry Kozinski

My cousin Jerry Kozinski
My Grandmother, and my cousin, Jerry Kozinski

Grandpa, Grandma, Aunt Eileen and Joyce

Aunt Eileen and Joyce
In 1945, my Grandfather, Jasper, and my Grandmother, Francis, were visited by my aunt Eileen and her daughter Joyce.

Addotta family

On the stoop
From Left, my cousin Joyce’s boyfriend, Bobby Martin, Joyce, cousin Ron, Billy Quinn (Joyce’s future husband), and yours truly!

Uncle Victor and Aunt Eileen

Victor and Eileen
On one of his visits to Rockford, Illinois, my uncle Victor met Eileen. He promptly moved her to NY and divorced his wife. Some people might think this was terrible, but since I didn’t know his first wife, I cannot feel bad about it. Besides, I loved my one and only aunt Eileen!

Uncle Victor

Uncle Victor
As you can see, Victor Addotta was a fine dresser, and a handsome man!

Uncle Victor and Dad

Uncle Vic and Dad
Two young studs who avoided the draft. My father (on the left) was a machinist and the United States needed skilled workers to stay home and build the machinery of war. My uncle Victor had horses (and women) to ride, and we couldn’t spare him for the war effort.

Aunt Eileen

Aunt Eileen
My aunt Eileen was the first woman I ever saw naked. One day I opened the bathroom door and there she was, sitting in the tub.
OUCH! I do not think I have ever been the same.

Jasper and Frances Addotta

Jasper and Frances Addotta
My grandmother, Frances, had eight children. One did not survive infancy.

Betty and Victor Addotta

Uncle Victor’s first wife
The 1941 wedding of Betty and Victor Addotta was attended by all the most important figures from both the upper crust and the underworld of Brooklyn. Victor left Betty for Eileen Magilacutty who became one of my favorite aunts.

My Grandparents

My Grandparents
Another great picture of the Addotta family!


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  1. Ansley Pascoli 06/06/2014 at 01:11

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    Great pictures Kip!
    I see my mom everywhere…little girl to adult….Thanks for sharing!

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